• FROM PJ's History

Corporate principles

We want to create "the feeling of happiness to own" and "joy to use" on the basis of our sincere production.

We "FROMPJ" wish to satisfy our customers.

First, we will make only goods which we want to make strongly.

Occasionally, we will challenge development of the technology and production method which did not exist in the past with our cooperative companies or manufacture factories, spending a long time. In that process, this strong thought is indispensable.

We continue such sincere production without any bewilderment, and will satisfy our customers in the future. And we will supply our goods of proper quality at reasonable prices to our customers.

For production, sale, and all the support of customers, the detailed communication is indispensable.

We aim at construction of smooth communication in our company and external.

By continuing these, we want to satisfy our customers that "FROMPJ is trustworthy."

Sharing the high consciousness of aiming at such a trustful brand, all the staffs of our company will try hard from now every day as well.