• FROM PJ's History

Paradox design

About the logo of "FROMPJ," two circles overlap exactly.

A circle has neither beginning nor the end. Therefore, it is essentially dynamic. About

God, Bonaventura, the theologian, defined omnipresence, saying that "it is like the intellectual sphere in which center exists everywhere and circumference does not exist anywhere."

People's interest is also not always constant, and exists here and there. It is flexible like water, and is maldistribution nature that changes continuously. I am interested in the paradox which lurks in the maldistribution nature now. In some ways, I feel possibility in the position which lives together exactly without a gap between the relative paradoxical relations, such as individuality and non-individuality, substance and concept, positive and negative, depth and width, and me and you. I want to systematize the vague and mysterious feeling which a subject may melt together and sublimate.

Since human has fear and anxiety, he/she can obtain happiness and peace of mind. And existence of death brightens up their life. The wish, which disregards the reaction which lurks in such two sides of the same coin, and gets only one side, may be wrong.

I think that the expression of the opposites is equally valuable, and the true future results of "FROM PJ" will be attained by naturally and equally treating it.